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L’Ancienne Banque

“A combination of factors led us to start our own Restaurant/Brew-Pub. We knew there was a need in the community and we were able to purchase a building in the downtown core. Financing was available for the project and there was a team of interested entrepreneurs willing and capable of making it happen.”

We met with Winston Sunstrum, co-owner of the new Restaurant/Brew-Pub on L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, and asked him why he chose to invest in opening a restaurant in Chapeau, Qc. “It was on my subconscious bucket list!” he says lightheartedly. “Actually, we did it to meet a need in the community.”

We asked Sunstrum what has been their biggest struggle during the start-up. “Our biggest challenge was obtaining our liquor permits,” explains Sunstrum. “We were finally able to obtain the right contacts through our MNA’s office, the bureaucracy is unreal.”

“The experience so far has been challenging and exciting. We’re getting strong support from the local communities and there is a lot of interest in the brewpub operation.”

“We chose to go to the SADC Pontiac because of the expertise of the advisors and the strong support they have for local business development. We have had excellent support from the team at the SADC Pontiac.”


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