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About the SADC Pontiac

We are a part of a network of Community Futures Development Corporations established coast-to-coast in rural communities through the Government of Canada. Each is an independent corporation set up and run by its community Board of Directors. We are a group of friendly, experienced business professionals with various expertise. Feel free to contact us and we will pair you with a business advisor that can meet your needs or contact a business advisor directly.

Our Accomplishments
Over $500k of approved loans last year
A total of $237,500 in our Youth Loan Fund in 2017-2018
36 jobs created through SADC funding last year

2020 Annual Report

Meet our team

Rhonda Perry

Director General

Andrea Lagarde

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Graveline

Administrative Support

Brittany Morin

Business Advisor, Marketing and Communications

Amy Taylor

Business Advisor, Business Start-up

Ana McBride

Business Advisor, Financial Analyst